Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All apologies

Please accept my sincerest apology to all the readers who came back to check out just to be disappointed when there is no new post on my blog.
I have been too busy in other things other than blogging. I have written at least 3 articles but I’m just not satisfied with the outcome and I feel they need more polishing.
Thanks to Katy, Lujee, Eric, irgraphy, tony, gentledove, drjay, empath, Theresa, timethief, a71e, my blog neighborhood, and all the disappointed people I missed who dropped by, commented and came back to this blog.
I’m working in a new blog that I will call “The Theory of Negativity” in which I will feature ideas mostly negative and how to take negative things or situations positively such as how to turn failure to an opportunity and so on.
I know this will be interesting because people used to explore negative ideas infrequently since the common notion about it is unpleasant. But like numbers, all we have to do with a negative number is to simply multiply it with a negative to make the product positive. I hope to see you there in the future.
Once again…my apologies for not updating my blog more often. I hope you don’t regret in dropping by and see you again on my future posts. I promise you’ll see me more often when my burdens are over.


katy said...

Bri,,,i was here, no need for the apology coz i knew youre just so busy, by the way i love the t-shirt..hehehe.
take care, thanks for the constant visit always.