Monday, November 15, 2010

A Suggestion

photo courtesy of deviant BaaltheLordofTerror

I once suggested that I think it would be better if all the citizen will have a chance to win in the lottery even if they don't put a bet on it. In that way it will be real CHARITY work and not GAMBLING.

But they laughed about it. They said I'm dreaming for the impossible. I was challenged but admitted that it is not in my power to realize it so I end up writing this letter.

The poor do not need millions. A thousand or even a hundred given to them FREE will do, and they will thank you with all their heart like they never did before. What is a thousand compared to millions earned by the lottery everyday? I do not ask to replace the lottery system with this one, but to create a part of it, where every poor citizen has the chance to win in exchange for NOTHING but for being a citizen. In this way their little money allotted for food and medicine will not be misused to buy a lottery ticket.

Besides, this could also be used as a consolation to implement voluntarily a national ID system.

I may be dreaming the Impossible but I believe, the Impossible just takes more time. And I will wait till the right leader of the country can make this change and be able to realize the impossible.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to hide a folder's contents in Windows XP

image courtesy of deviant stridsberg

Yes I'm back, alive and kicking. Living in a new chapter of my life, getting back from a 3-month hibernation and ready to kick some real ass.
Let me give you some nice tip in Windows XP, so far my favorite OS Microsoft has made. It is how to hide a folder's content from Windows Explorer. This will be useful to hide some nasty content to your friend or to anyone as big as the airport security in a strict country, unless they are reading my blog, which is not likely, but who knows. It's best not to bring those illegal files.
As far as we know, there is a "Show hidden files and folder" in Windows Explorer options. And if you just set the "hidden" property of a folder, then your busted. Thats level 1.
Next level is what they call the "superhidden" which means a folder has a property of "system" attribute, and thus called a system folder. But Windows does not allow us to make a system folder all by its folder properties. The trick is to go to DOS/Command prompt (i.e. running cmd.exe) and go to the folder containing your folder to be made system. Type "attrib +s +h foldername" then Enter and its done. There are 3rd party programs like XYplorer who can set a system attribute by folder properties alone.
To bust this is to set an option not everybody is aware of (at least the average user) "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" in Windows Explorer options hidden just below the "Hide extensions...". You need to scroll down to see it, that is why not everybody knows there's a superhidden attribute in a folder.
But there's always a catch, and a next level to outwit the catch. There's an option in "gpedit.msc" to hide the "Folder options" menu in Windows Explorer. Its pretty self explanatory when you arrived at the Group Policy(gpedit.msc) interface.

Now if you think I'm finished, I'm not. There is a level 3, which in my humble opinion outwits level 1 and 2 and using 3rd party programs that needs to be installed in the other computer to work.
It is as simple as renaming a folder, appending the ".{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}", of course without the quotation mark. The icon of the folder will automatically be a Control Panel icon. And what is amazing is when you double-click it
to see the contents, alas! your files are gone. Replaced by the real content of the Control Panel.
Similarly, you can make a "desktop.ini" file inside the folder with the contents.


Which does the same effect but there is no need to rename the folder. Yet another but... the effect is not immediate, sometimes or most of the time, it needs a restart. They can search your disk all day but they will never find a file inside that folder, nothing but the regular contents of a control panel which is suspicious. But then it will just show when you search all files (i.e. *.*), usually, to inspect a disk's contents they will search specific file types such as pictures and videos.

Finally, you can combine all the 3 techniques. after making it a "control panel", hide it, superhide and lastly, hide the "Folder options" in the Windows Explorer. Like what I said, there's always a catch. They just need someone you cannot outwit. If still you think you're gonna be busted, you got to swallow your stick! (I mean your USB stick/pen drive...whatever you call it). If you're afraid of the consequences, safest way is not to bring illegal files. Just save it in an FTP server and you can download anytime. This is just for fun, cheers. :D

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quicker than a cup of Coffee!

Image courtesy of HBO Boxing

The Pacquiao Hatton match this morning is of course fulfilling for us but at the same time a bit frustrating. It was a good fight but spectators want a better match.
When Michael Buffer introduces the two fighter, I made my coffee quickly so as not to miss anything from the fight. Fight started, enjoying the game as I am enjoying my coffee. Hatton was knocked down twice in the first round, one with a right hook by Pacquiao. For those who are not boxing aficionados, Pacquiao’s right is his jab hand. It was unexpected that a power punch will come from it.
As the second round started, Hatton is a little bit uncomfortable, making a close hug shots that in my opinion annoys Manny. In return, Manny kept a distance taking advantage of his 5cm reach advantage. With 8 seconds remaining in the 2nd round, a hard left hook by Pacquiao lands on Hatton’s face and brought him down. That’s it, the fight is over. Hatton lying on the ring as if wondering what he was doing there. The fight was shorter than we expected. In fact it was quicker than my cup of coffee.
Nevertheless, we enjoyed the fight. We’re proud of you Manny, you made us even prouder being Filipinos. To the Pacquiao Team, congratulations, keep up the good work.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Death of my Hard Disk

Well, actually this is an old news. I just wasn't able to post it for I need to recover from its depressing effect.
Three weeks ago I bought a new portable hard drive 320GB in capacity. It was a cheap one, with a not so tough casing and set my mind they are all just the same. Because I need to save money for a more important needs, I went for that one. I then transferred my files, cutting from my old dying HD to save the files. I then formatted the old one but that was a big mistake.
To cut the story short, I accidentally dropped my new HD for just a couple of feet or less. It was devastating. I lost my files. The HD is physically damaged and I can't recover from my old one.
Luckily, I was able to reconstruct part of my 3D libraries from my friends but what I lost are my collection of family pictures and personal work files, including the 2 books that I'm working on. The pictures I hope there's a copy back home but the books that I'm working on, there's no other copy but the one I lost.
It was double saddening situation. I lost the files and I lost the whole price of the disk because I can't return it to the shop since dropping it was not covered by the warranty. I'll just charge what happened to experience and learn the lesson from it. Making a mistake once is accident, committing the same mistake all over again is foolishness.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas not for Christ

Christmas time is the time for family, love, peace, goodwill to men, joy, happiness, gifts and anything good that you can imagine, everyone agrees to that, except for one thing... That it is the birth of Jesus Christ.

This leads me to thinking, this could be the reason why non-christians does not celebrate christmas. Although christianity is the dominant religion as far as statistics is concerned, yet it is not universal.

I have a dream...that someday, everyone will celebrate christmas, regardless of what we believe in. Not because for its cause, but for its effect. I would like them to ask "How do we celebrate it?" than "Why do we have to celebrate it?" Let us not be stopped of doing great things just because of our faith. Christmas is a holiday named after Christ, but we do not need to believe how a holiday was named after whom, we don't need to believe in Santa Claus & his reindeers... celebrating it doesn't mean we abandoned our faith. We'll just set aside what is not universal for greater good that we will all agree.

Let us celebrate Christmas for its real meaning and not for how it was named. Christians & Non-Christians, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Image courtesy of deviant pd-inc

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free T-shirt!

I'm giving off 5 wastedwisdom t-shirts (by Giordano) for the first 5 people who will follow this blog! :D The bad news is, you have to claim it here in UAE. Colors and sizes are subject to availability. :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All apologies

Please accept my sincerest apology to all the readers who came back to check out just to be disappointed when there is no new post on my blog.
I have been too busy in other things other than blogging. I have written at least 3 articles but I’m just not satisfied with the outcome and I feel they need more polishing.
Thanks to Katy, Lujee, Eric, irgraphy, tony, gentledove, drjay, empath, Theresa, timethief, a71e, my blog neighborhood, and all the disappointed people I missed who dropped by, commented and came back to this blog.
I’m working in a new blog that I will call “The Theory of Negativity” in which I will feature ideas mostly negative and how to take negative things or situations positively such as how to turn failure to an opportunity and so on.
I know this will be interesting because people used to explore negative ideas infrequently since the common notion about it is unpleasant. But like numbers, all we have to do with a negative number is to simply multiply it with a negative to make the product positive. I hope to see you there in the future.
Once again…my apologies for not updating my blog more often. I hope you don’t regret in dropping by and see you again on my future posts. I promise you’ll see me more often when my burdens are over.